ChocoTale is a smartphone based experience which we have run at

The Chocolate Museum

for the last couple of years.

But now in this time of quarantine, ChocoTale is available at home,

under #learningfromhome tags

as a "Quiz", free to play

or as a "Tasting" Trail

requiring ChocoTale tasting box;

Quetzalcoatl, represented as a feathered-serpent, is the character you will meet in our interactive ‘ChocoTale’ tasting game, as you explore the history of chocolate, and taste 13 different chocolates from around the world...  Read More...

The "ChocoTale" tasting box will be posted to your home; It contains instructions and tasting samples. You just need to download the Gamar app onto your smartphone or tablet to get started! instructions here
The QUIZZ is free OR the ChocoTale tasting box is at £8.50 for 1 - £12.50 for 2  (+postage)
The legend of Quetzalcoatl
Once upon a time, Quetzalcoatl, stole the precious cacao seed from the other gods, and brought it down to earth as a gift for human beings.
Quetzalcoatl, god of vegetation, air, and learning for the Nahuatl civilisation, was pleased with what human beings did with the fruit of the sacred tree. They took the seeds and ground them into a paste, from which they made a frothy, bitter drink.
But Quetzalcoatl wanted to share this gift with all the peoples of the earth. So he brought the Spanish conquistadores from across the ocean so they could spread it to the rest of the world...