Welcome to the "AtoZ Chocolate History Challenge";
This  challenge consists of 26 weeks of activities which started on the 4th may 2020. It follows the chronology of chocolate history.
Every week, children will be given the opportunity to learn about a new topic and a linked word from A-Z chocolate vocabulary.
On Mondays, you'll be able to access the weekly word-puzzles and artistic activities; You can choose to either print, use a new sheet of paper or play online; 

You can share your children's artwork with us on Instagram
 or email us at info@thechocolatemuseum.co.uk

Week 1 - The Olmec and the Mayan Civilisations

A for Aztecs

Week 2 - The Legend of Quetzalcoatl

B for (cocoa) Beans & Bitter water

Week 3 - Drinking Chocolate

C for Cocoa, Criollo & Chilli

Week 4 - Hernan Cortes

D for Drinking chocolate

Week 5 - The religious orders and their role in cocoa distribution

E for Europe

Week 6 - The Chocolate Houses

F for Frenchman & Food of the Gods

Week 7 - Transformation

G for Growing & Grinding

Week 8 - Assimilation

H for Hans Sloane, Health & Herbarium

Week 9 - Slavery & Colonisation

I for Ivory Coast

Week 10 - The first solid chocolate

J for Joseph Fry

Week 11 - Van Houten Cocoa Powder

K for Kakawa

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We thank you for your participation,
Programme in partnership with Melange Chocolate
Principal Sources:
"The True history of Chocolate" Thames & Hudson
 "Encyclopedie du chocolate et de la confiserie" AFCC

"Collecting the World: The Life and Curiosity of Hans Sloane" by James Delbourgo

"Chocolate Wars" by Deborah Cadbury

"The Secret Life of Chocolate" by Marcos Patchett

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