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Sunday 09 October 2016, 3PM

Cocoa Meditation

 with Sian Luxford


A guided meditation accompanied with a warm cup of cacao. Explore planes of the jungle and relax into your inner landscape. This workshop has been designed to bring an experience of taking a walk in the tropical rainforest, feeling the twigs crunch beneath your feet and hear the bird callings from deep within.

Bring pillow, something to lie on (yoga mat), and a blanket 

BOOKINGS: £35 per perso, Please email us at




Sian Luxford's intention is to create awareness of the beauty & delicacy of the Amazon rainforest by connecting people through indigenous creative arts and workshops. These skills have been learnt over a period of 5 years through collecting medicinal plants in Peru, Bolivia and the UK along with learning from botanists. Sian will be undertaking an MA Art & Science to bring together Plant Medicine & Botanical Printmaking in 2016. Sian will also organise a Cacao Meditation event at The Chocolate Museum on Sunday the 9th of October.


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