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Follow the process of converting the cacao bean into the tasty treat we all know and love. We will take you inside what it takes to make chocolate, from the very beginning stages all the way through the factory process.


We also carry the products of UK bean-to-bar makers you can purchase here 



Chocolate isn’t only rich in flavour, it is rich in history! We haven’t always had the heavenly chocolate bars we are familiar with today! Take a step back through history, when the ancient Mayans drank their own version of chocolate and see how this treat was brought to Europe where it evolved into its current form. 



Cadburys is a common chocolate company in today’s age, but where did this company originate? What other chocolate companies once held a prominent spot in the chocolate making market? Take a in depth look at chocolate production in the UK, including the Loveley family artifact collection. 



We have a wide range of memorabilia related to chocolate, stemming back through this sweet treats long history! You can take a look at how the cups and designs that have evolved through time! The oldest object we have dates back to 1792!



In the main café we have a collection of French advertisements stemming back to the early 1900’s. Check out the vintage French posters advertising chocolate throughout the years. 



We have added a chocolate and slavery exhibition to the museum! Here we will discuss the realities of slavery when it comes to the production of chocolate, past and present. As well as the role Great Britain played in relation to it throughout history. 

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