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Drop-in & ChocoTale

Drop-in is a diy chocolate making session where you will make chocolates on your own following instructions with the help of our assistants on site (it's not a class), no booking!

Turn up at anytime : Wed/Fri 2.30 to 6pm & Sat/Sun 11.30am to 5pm; 

ChocoTale is a chocolate filled interactive tasting trail (using Gamar App). Following the history of the cacao bean, from the Mayans all the way to current day chocolateering, you can now experience a sensory-stimulating journey through the evolutionary world of chocolate, with our special tasting gift box including 13 different chocolates from Mayan traditions to modern artisan chocolatier, Melange Chocolate in Peckham;


On March 26  we will host the launch of this incredible new book on the undiscovered parts of chocolate history  "The Secret Life of Chocolate" by author Marcus Patchett.

The Secret Life of Chocolate is a book about chocolate.  Not the sweet, mass-produced fatty confection most of us are familiar with, though.  TSLOC is about old-school chocolate; pre-Colombian, Central American, bitter-spicy-foamy-intense blow-your-socks-off chocolate.  Chocolate beverages made with toasted cocoa beans, water, and indigenous plants.

Today there are many different forms of drinking chocolate in Latin America, most of which reflect European (Spanish) influence, incorporating sugar, cinnamon, and milk.  This book peels back the years of cultural cross-pollination to anatomize the original Cacao-based beverages, which were richer, more complex, more potent, and darker (in every sense) than modern forms of chocolate.  TSLOC delves into the ancient history of the human relationship with the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao; it dissects the pharmacological properties of chocolate to the fullest possible extent, and it divulges the mythical and magical associations of human interactions with this incredible plant.  

The product of fourteen years' research, including literature reviews, field investigations in Mexico and Guatemala, and hands-on experimentation with ingredients and recipes, TSLOC is a comprehensive exploration of chocolate's ancient roots.  In addition to presenting new historical, scientific and anthropological hypotheses about Cacao and chocolate, contemporary Cacao-based drinks recipes and pre-Colombian Mesoamerican beverages are reproduced or reconstructed in the formulary (chapter eight).  Extensive Appendices include an in-depth monograph on Theobroma cacao, mini-monographs on its native Mesoamerican admixture plants and spices, and selected interviews with some of the cooks, curanderos, farmers and teachers who work with this remarkable plant.


The Author: 

Marcos is a practising medical herbalist, astrologer, and science-loving atypical hippie. He graduated from Middlesex University’s Herbal Medicine BSc course with first degree honours and the Elsevier science prize for plant pharmacology in 2005.  He worked as a medical herbalist in King’s Cross for several years, specialising in complementary care for people living with HIV, and practiced from Neal’s Yard remedies’ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden and Notting Hill.  He worked as a dispenser in Middlesex University’s Archway training clinic, and later went on to become the clinical supervisor for the Western Herbal medicine BSc and MSc courses at Middlesex University’s Integrative Medicine training clinic in Hendon.  Marcos is also an enthusiastic student of Renaissance and Medieval astrology, and is frequently invited to give talks on contemporary herbal medicine and traditional medical astrology internationally.  Marcos lives and works in London, and currently practices from home, because the commute’s easy and the management is extremely relaxed.

Date:  26 March 

Time: 17:30 - 21:00

On-going Chocolate Jewellery Exhibition by KRIWO


Visual artist Kristiane Wolf will exhibit and sell her amazingly sexy chocolate earrings at the Chocolate Museum. They are an expression of the natural forms that occur while using dripping techniques - much like Jackson Pollock did with paint.

Her wonderful creations will melt when worn on the skin so they are meant to be eaten before they do!

To learn more about KRIWO's art projects have a look at the artist's website here:


On-going chocolate sculpture exhibition by Hatzidakis Emmanouil


"Chocolate feelings" 

Hatzidakis Emmanouil  is a creative, enthusiastic, hardworking pastry chef with a passion for food and lots of experience working in busy hotels and pastry shops in Greece. At the age of 16 he studied at SCHOOL OF TOURIST PROFESSIONS in CRETE and since then he has always known that being in a kitchen, preparing amazing pastries for others, is where I want to be. After completing his apprenticeship in 1995 he worked in a number of pastry stores before starting to hotels, where he was employed for over twenty years as pastry chef at a busy four and five stars hotels. He is very efficient and it was here that he developed a much more productive system of pastries prep, which was commended by the chef de cuisine. He also gained experience in managing, staff rosters, pricing and ordering for a large establishment. His specialty is chocolate desserts and decoration, which he has won a number of prestigious awards in Mediterranean Competitions. Last years he organized several "Chocolate" charity exhibitions all around Europe collected money for several Non-profit organizations. 

ON GOING : Saturday Workshops for adults


Organised by Melange Chocolate

A session where you will learn in depth about chocolate processes and use professional techniques ; tasting and making your own chocolate truffles ; preparing, flavouring & shaping ganache and fudge ; tempering, enrobing & decorating the chocolates with colourful ingredients. It will last 2h30/3 hours. £40 per person.

HOW TO BOOK: You can purchase a voucher from Melange Chocolate Website and email us with your choice. 

Saturday  21st March 2020, 11.30am-2.30pm confirmed so far

Saturday  11th April 2020, 11.30am-2.30pm TBC

Saturday  25th April 2020, 11.30am-2.30pm TBC

Saturday  9th May 2020, 11.30am-2.30pm TBC

Saturday  23rd May 2020, 11.30am-2.30pm TBC




Have fun  with your children these Easter Holidays learning how to create Easter chocolates using egg, animal or lollipop moulds. You can choose your favourite chocolate and learn how to temper it as well as painting and decorating your creations. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have delicious and handmade Easter creations to take home!

Available dates:

Wed    8th April 11am-12:30pm

Thurs 9th April 11am-12:30pm

Fri     10th April 11am-12:30pm



Come with your children to our special Easter Workshop and make Easter Truffles with them!
You will be making lollies and truffles while learning how to temper chocolate, shape ganache and fudge, and get creative with our special decorations. In the end, each participant will take a bag with their very own creations.

Available dates:

Tue 14th April

Wed 15th April


This Easter we run a special chocolate bar making workshop!
Have fun with your children while learning how to create your very own chocolate bar. You can choose your favourite chocolate and learn how to temper it. Then be creative decorating with different colours and flavours and design your own wrapper! At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a delicious and handmade creation to take home!

Available date:

Fri 17th April  11:00 - 12.30

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