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4th May 2020
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Week 1

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Week 1 - The Olmec and the Mayan Civilisations

A for Aztecs

The Olmecs lived around 3000 years ago and were the oldest civilisation we know of to grow cocoa trees. However the trees only grew in a few places which had the right climate. They were rare and difficult to grow, therefore became very precious.


The Mayans followed in the Olmecs’ footsteps, growing and consuming cocoa. They also developed the science of astronomy, created a numeral system, and used cocoa beans as a measure of weight. This is how cocoa beans became a currency for them, and later for the Aztecs.


The Aztecs were ferocious warriors and taxed the people in their territories in cocoa beans.


These civilisations processed cocoa beans into a paste, as we still do today, and created a drink which was called Xocoatl, from which our word “chocolate” is derived. 

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Principal Sources:
"The True history of Chocolate" Thames & Hudson
 "Encyclopedie du chocolate et de la confiserie" AFCC
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